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What is LASIK?

LASIK surgery is the most popular form of refractive eye surgery. It is estimated to account for 95% of the laser vision correction procedures that are performed today. LASIK is a form of outpatient corneal surgery in which an ophthalmic surgeon uses a specialized and precise flap-making laser, to create a thin flap of corneal tissue. This flap is raised and laid back while still attached to the cornea. The eye surgeon then uses a state-of-the-art excimer laser to remove a pre-determined amount of corneal tissue from the exposed bed of the cornea. The amount of tissue to be removed is calculated based on the pre-operative determination of the power of your eye; these measurements are usually in agreement with recent prescriptions for your glasses and/or contact lenses. The flap is replaced and within minutes natural forces hold the flap down on the cornea.

Usually, within a few hours, the surface epithelium of the cornea begins to grow over the cut edge of the flap to seal it into position. LASIK can be used to correct nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism.

US FDA Outcomes After LASIK Surgery: US FDA Clinical study results show that, following Lasik surgery with the Bausch and Lomb 217 laser, 99.7% of patients see 20/40 or better* without glasses or contact lenses. 20/40 is the legal requirement for being able to drive without correction.

  • 94 percent of patients agree that LASIK has improved their lives.
  • 40 percent of patients have noticed an improvement in their social lives.
  • 40 percent of patients cite the convenience of not having to worry about caring for their eyewear as one of their top three motivating factors in their decision.
  • 35 percent of patients believe that LASIK has improved their work life.
  • 90 percent of LASIK patients are satisfied with its effects on their vision.

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